Each semester of ISP will explore 2 or 3 streams from the humanities, social sciences, and sciences.  By the end of the year-long course, all 3 representative areas of study will have been covered in a way that integrates around the themes for the year.  Stream lectures occur sequentially during the first part of the week, followed by an integrative symposium involving all members of the teaching team. The teaching week concludes with a seminar that digs more deeply into areas of productive agreement or friction between streams in a smaller, more intimate, classroom setting.
The Integrated Studies Program gives incoming first year students the opportunity to explore a variety of different disciplines while not forcing them to commit to any given course of disciplinary study.  Rather than serving as an impediment to fulfillment of sector requirements, ISP students receive credit for 3 of the 7 sectors required by the college while at the same time allowing students to test their interests in a variety of different methodolgical and theoretical disciplinary approaches.
BFS students report [See Student Profiles] that having been in ISP helped them find their path to their chosen major.  And because ISP reaches across disciplines, students have even designed their own novel and independent paths of study.