Zaid Tabaza

I’m a member of the Class of 2024 from Amman, Jordan. I’m majoring in Cognitive Science with a concentration in Computation and Cognition, and minoring in Computer Science and German. I am involved with Penn Wellness, Penn Arab Student Society, and Fenjan (Penn’s Undergraduate Journal on the Middle East).

Coming into Penn as an undecided student, I initially feared that my interests were disconnected and difficult to reconcile. Taking ISP helped shape the trajectory of my academic career through its emphasis on multi-disciplinary synthesis and learning. My ISP experience allowed me to build upon my current interests, such as psychology and computer science, while also discovering new ones in areas that were previously uncharted to me, such as philosophy and history. I enjoyed our thought-provoking class discussions and the opportunity to closely read texts from a wide range of subject areas. The disciplines and topics we encountered ranged from History and Classical Studies to Happiness and Despair, all the while grappling with questions of relevance to every discipline. ISP helped me develop a framework to integrate knowledge from various disciplines in a way that is conducive to academic exploration, which motivated my decision to pursue a major in Cognitive Science.