YiYi (Yelina) Chen

The Integrated Studies Program shaped my college experience significantly. Through ISP, I met some of my closest friends. Embarking on an intellectual journey at the very beginning of one’s college career with like-minded peers is a memory worth treasuring, and because of a unique feature of ISP –namely that participants all live together in Riepe College House and take half of their freshmen courses together – it is as if we have a small liberal arts enclave within a large research university that is fairly pre-professional. ISP not only integrates different academic subjects, but also equally if not more importantly, students who are interested in different fields of study but have the same intellectual curiosity and the wish to see how knowledge and ideas can be augmented through integration. I study Cognitive Science and Economics, while my close friends from ISP pursue Biology, English Literature, Music, Philosophy and so on. I really appreciate the space ISP created for us to have in-depth discussion with faculty members in an intimate seminar setting as freshmen, and that it challenged us with high academic standards from the start. The interdisciplinary mindset I gained from ISP inspired me to take classes in different fields and try to understand the world through different perspectives.

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