Sakshi Sehgal

The integrated nature of the ISP program has fueled my multidimensional path at Penn, as I complete the pre-medical track as a Philosophy major. After graduation, I hope to continue pursuing my diverse interests and eventually work in healthcare policy. My various passions expand to my extracurricular involvements as well, as I serve on the boards of Penn Undergraduate Healthcare Council, Penn First, Global Women Empowerment, Phi Sigma Honor Society, as well as a Peer Manager and NSO FGLI Coordinator. 
My fascination with the intersectionality of many fields is what initially drew me to the ISP program and what has culminated in my academic and extracurricular path at Penn. I began my first year studying decisions and learning, exploring the Philosophy of Education with Professor Karen Detlefsen, learning the Cognitive Neuroscience of decision-making with Professor Joe Kable, and integrating the two in a meaningful seminar setting with Professor Julio Tuma. This first semester experience inspired me in a multitude of ways: since the following February, I have been a Research Assistant in Dr. Kable’s lab and decided to pursue Philosophy as my major (this semester, I’ve been fortunate to take a grad seminar with Dr. Detlefsen!) My closest friendships at Penn were also nurtured in the residential community setting of ISP, for which I am incredibly grateful. ISP was truly an enriching academic, intellectual, and interpersonal experience that has formed a critical portion of my Penn experience.