Mona Hagmagid

I am a Sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences pursuing a double major in Philosophy and Africana studies here at Penn. I am involved in the Muslim Students Association, a Co-Chair of Penn Sapelo, a Black Muslim student organization on campus, and a member of the Excelano Project, Penn first and only spoken word collective. While in the ISP program, I began to think seriously about what it would mean to truly engage two different disciplines with one another to think through complex problems and fill in intellectual gaps. I am very interested in utilizing philosophy to work through some of the complex questions about identity, race, and justice that Africana poses to its students. I am also interested in finding a place for human experience and embodied knowledge within philosophy, and making intellectual room for more philosophers of color, women philosophers, and practicing muslims in both fields.


Link to Mona's Final Project from Philosophy Stream