Mira Potter-Schwartz

I am a student in the College, from Rye, New Hampshire, studying Mathematical Economics. Among other activities, outside of academics I am involved in Hillel, play the violin in Penn Chamber, am a member of Penn Appetit, and tutor for the West Philadelphia Tutoring Project. ISP was one of the most defining aspects of my first year at Penn and it certainly shaped my academic and social experience. The ISP curriculum provided me with the opportunity to explore disciplines that were beyond my primary academic interests, and that I likely would not have gained exposure to elsewhere. I was challenged to think and write critically about integrating subjects that seemed distinct at first glance, but upon further study were connected in extremely interesting ways. Through participating in ISP, I had the opportunity to learn from distinguished and engaging professors beginning in my first semester at Penn. In part as a result of ISP, I spent the summer after my first year at Penn conducting research in Penn’s Economics Department with an ISP professor, Dr. Todd. The summer research experience further affirmed my desire to study Economics and allowed me to gain academic research skills in a field that I found extremely interesting. I have continued as a research assistant and I am grateful that ISP helped to facilitate this connection for me.
Beyond the ISP academic experience, it was valuable experience to be able to live amongst the same students that were in my ISP classes. The ISP living learning experience enabled me to build stronger relationships beyond the classroom, which resulted in an enjoyable academic experience.