Kristjan Tomasson

I am a sophomore who just declared for the PPE major.  I remember the application for ISP required an essay on how chaos, as defined in the scientific context, spurs progress and provides a powerful lens through which to investigate the existence and even the possibility of free will.  At the time, I was not able to fully appreciate how deeply insightful into the nature of ISP the subject of the essay was.  Grappling with the idea of using disorder to find order and relating humanism to science was a great preview of how interesting and powerful cross-disciplinary integration can be.  What I learned in ISP has provided me the tools to better integrate the three disciplines of my major and get even more out my intellectual exploration in philosophy, politics and economics.  Earning the right to take BFS seminars for the rest of my Penn career is also a valuable result of completing ISP.  Each semester, I find that I continue to expand my horizons and integrate newly acquired understanding into my skill base.

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