Jackson Maxwell


I'm a sophomore from Southern California studying Sociology and Humanistic Philosophy, with plans to attend law school after graduation. Out of the organizations I’ve been involved with since coming to Penn, ISP/BFS has undoubtedly had the most significant impact on my undergraduate career. Intellectually, it encouraged me to take courses in different disciplines and pursue “knowledge for the sake of knowledge,” a motto I continue to live by; more specifically, Dr. Karen Detlefsen’s philosophy course was so engaging that it caused me to switch my intended major from PPE to Philosophy. Socially, it defined my freshman year, motivating me to branch out and make many of my best friendships here at Penn. ISP was an extremely formative experience, and I’m proud to continue my involvement with BFS by serving on the Undergraduate Advisory Board. Outside of BFS, I’m also involved with the Penn Government & Politics Association (GPA) and Queer Student Alliance (QSA), and I take pictures for the @uofpenn Instagram.