Ivana Kohut

I am currently a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences studying Medical Anthropology, Chemistry, and Hispanic Studies. My academic interests lie in researching the effectiveness of the Cuban healthcare system’s delivery to women. Through qualitative and ethnographic interviews conducted with women in Cuba, I investigate the accessibility and subsequent use of health services pertaining to primary care, reproductive and maternal care, and geriatric care.
ISP has been a formative part of my development as an undergraduate scholar and researcher. Because of the program, I learned how to write clearly and how to streamline my thoughts efficiently. I have also learned how to integrate different modes of thinking (like anthropology, medicine, and Hispanic Studies) so as to gain different, but critical perspectives about a topic (like Cuban healthcare delivery to women). Because of ISP, I learned how to look critically at “reality” by learning how to adopt different points of view and subsequently how to unite these views so as to better understand the world in which I live in. Most importantly, ISP has given me a wonderful community of scholars, friends and mentors that have continued to push me academically both inside and outside of the classroom.
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