Ishita Batra

A junior studying Economics, I continue to be grateful for ISP. It definitely lived up to its promise of being an intellectually enriching experience – I took classes in disciplines that I may not otherwise have gotten the opportunity to study, and was taught by professors and teaching fellows of the highest calibre. I loved the freedom to explore, ask questions and initiate discussions that ISP offered, and it has motivated me to keep learning something from whatever I am engaged in.

Practically speaking, ISP taught me to adapt quickly to the different modes of reasoning and inquiry that different domains employ, which has been extremely helpful in the diverse set of classes I have taken since. Regularly writing about wide-ranging and complex topics considerably developed my writing skills, and this has held me in good stead in both academic and non-academic settings. My peer group encouraged me to challenge my assumptions and think and rethink my ideas, and I consider the discussions I had with them as a model for any seminar classes I take today. I also made some of my closest friends at Penn thanks to ISP.

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