Irene Hong


I am a first-year law student at the University of Pennsylvania Law School. Currently, I am enrolled in Penn's accelerated B.A./J.D. submatriculation program and J.D./M.S.S.P. joint degree program. This means that, in five years total, I will have completed the requirements for a B.A. in Political Science (from Penn School of Arts & Sciences), J.D. (from Penn Law), and M.S. in Social Policy (from Penn School of Social Policy & Practice), and I will graduate with all three degrees in May 2018.


As a Benjamin Franklin Scholar, I truly appreciated the interdisciplinary nature of the program and the deep connections I was able to make with my professors. Through the program, I became comfortable with ambiguity and complexity in an abstract sense, and I believe that this is what allowed me to succeed academically and personally throughout my undergraduate career. For example, through the Politics of Food (an academically-based community service course, as well as a BFS seminar), I had the opportunity to work with the Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger and write a published paper about the impact of recent national legislation on school meal participation rates. This furthered my interest in the intersection of law and policy, and now I am in law school pursuing these passions.


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