Henry Hoffman

I am a junior majoring in Biology and minoring in Hispanic Studies, with plans to attend Medical School after graduating.  Outside of class, I sing in the Penn Glee Club, work as a Counselor for Camp Kesem, volunteer with a handful of other clinical and educational organizations, passionately support the Philadelphia Eagles, and serve as President of the BFS Undergraduate Advisory Board. I’ve always had many different interests. I grew up strongly believing that college was a time, not just for job preparation, but for me to explore those interests. ISP allowed me to engage on an intellectual level I’d never experienced before. By taking a leap out of my comfort zone, I have grown into a clearer thinker, a better writer, and a wiser, more thoughtful person. I explored subjects I’d never expected to study, and in doing so recognized the gaps in my knowledge and worldview, causing me to rethink questions whose answers I had always taken for granted. The integrative components of the course stirred in me a creativity I forgot I had. Constant exposure to brilliant professors and classmates alike caused me to think deeply about my courses, both in and out of the classroom, defending what I felt passionate about and learning to concede when proven otherwise. I still live with my ISP hallmates today. In ISP, I was forced to elevate myself, and came out of the program equipped with the intellectual framework to conquer anything I’ve faced at Penn since. The unique growth I’ve experienced through ISP has been formative and invaluable, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.