Helena Von Nagy

Helena von Nagy (C’18), originally from Reno, NV, was absolutely thrilled to participate in ISP. In the second semester, she was introduced to political science, and now has declared her major in International Relations, something she had never considered. In keeping with the tradition of ISP, her second major is Theatre Arts, with a concentration in Shakespeare. Last summer, Helena was granted a Fulbright summer award to attend a three week intensive course at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London, which she absolutely loved. Through this program, she was able to meet many people from diverse backgrounds and was taught so much about Elizabethan and Jacobean theatre by an extremely knowledgable and talented education staff, growing as both an actor and a student. She made lifelong friendships, and even met Jessica Chastain. This summer, Helena will be traveling to Argentina with Penn-in-Buenos-Aires; and, after the six week program, she will be interning with the Fundación Shakespeare Argentina, funded graciously by the Platt Performing Arts House’ prestigious Wallace Award. She looks forward to the opportunity to learn about study and performance of shakespeare in Latin America and hopes to bring this knowledge back to Penn to direct a bilingual production of Shakespeare. Finally, next spring Helena will be in DC with Penn-in-Washington Washington and the World Scholars Program, (hopefully) interning with the US Department of State and then working in an embassy the following summer. Helena thanks ISP and the BFS program for introducing her to a new passion for politics and helping with her applications and interviews for many grants.

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