Eileen Wang

I am a senior majoring in Health and Societies, with a concentration in global health, and minoring in Anthropology.  I have always been interested in pursuing medicine as a career path to serve others—a path I will continue to pursue after I graduate. However, I believe that even as I have been set on my professional path at Penn, ISP has been integral to my intellectual and moral growth. ISP gave me not just knowledge, but an approach to learning and thinking about the world that has been crucial in developing who I am as a person and a student. It helped me define my interests in global health, anthropology, and the history and sociology of science which, in turn, led to my own independent research and thesis on cesarean deliveries on maternal request in China—research that I intend to continue and integrate into my medical career. But ISP has also been the gateway to introducing me to questions of religion, philosophy, and ethics –fields that I may never formally study but nevertheless inform my worldview. It is this worldview that will ultimately serve as the foundation of who I am, how I think, and what I do as a physician.


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