Daniel Brennan

I am a member of the class of 2020 and a double major in History and Political Science with a concentration in International Relations. I am a United States Marine Corps Officer Candidate, a member of the Varsity Lightweight Men's Rowing Team and of the Philomathean Society. Last Summer I worked with Dr. Horowitz of Political Science Department researching the proliferation of precision guided munitions and examining the impact of telegraphy on 19th and 20th century military decision making. As a Student Fellow at Penn's Perry World House my current research is focused on examining Russian hybrid warfare in Ukraine. Apart for bringing me into to Penn alongside a fantastic cohort of impressive individuals, ISP encouraged me to see beyond the limits of a single discipline or approach. This has been illuminating as I've worked at the intersection of Political Science and History, enabling me to straddle both intellectual approaches while producing novel integrative work.