Christina Recto

Being a part of ISP has been one of the best decisions I have made in my college career. Entering college as a shy and introverted person, I was relieved to discover the ease with which the program enabled its residents to find a nook within Penn’s sprawling campus. I was able to connect with and learn from really interesting people with whom I have formed some of my closest friendships. The academic experience itself has been one of my most thought-provoking experiences up to date, and the topics that we handled pushed me to think more critically both during in-class discussions and through my writing, a skill which has helped me tremendously going forward. One of the more challenging aspects of the course was the integration, but as the semester progressed it became more natural to find connections between seemingly disparate subjects. Awareness of this integration has allowed me to appreciate similarities whenever I come across a diverse set of subject material.


I am currently a sophomore double majoring in Biological Basis of Behavior and Classics, two subjects that were heavily emphasized during my experience in ISP. In addition to working as a tutor at the Marks Family Writing Center, I am involved in the Penn Reading Initiative, Rotaract Club of Philadelphia, and Penn Benjamins. While I am still quite introverted, my experience in ISP has given me confidence in my ability to think critically, which has ultimately been an indispensable aspect of my continuing academic and personal growth.