Cami Doo


I am a sophomore pursuing a dual degree between the College and Wharton, studying Political Science and concentrating in Business Economics and Public Policy. On campus I am involved as Finance Chair for the Penn Association for Gender Equity and Deputy for Penn Policy Consulting. I am also part of the Wharton Investment and Trading Group and the Wharton Undergraduate Finance Club’s Investment Committee. 

ISP was one of the most influential aspects of my freshman year and inspired my decision to apply for a dual degree with Wharton’s BEPP department. Taking intellectually challenging courses that compelled me to integrate seemingly opposite topics such as cognitive neuroscience and philosophy illuminated perspectives for me that I had never thought about. I also got to explore subjects like ancient history I would have never been introduced to if it weren’t for ISP.

Besides being intellectually stimulating, ISP provided a community for me. Living in Riepe with hall mates who were also taking the same class bonded us together, and I met some of my best friends through this program. In fact, rafting on the Poconos River for our retreat was one of the highlights of my freshman year.