Ashmit Vyas

I am a sophomore from Brisbane, Australia, majoring in Economics and minoring in Mathematics. By helping me develop the fundamental competencies that underpin almost all academic disciplines, ISP gave me the perfect platform to explore my intellectual interests at Penn. Examining complex problems through multiple perspectives not only improved my critical thinking skills, but also taught me to be more patient and open-minded in the pursuit of answers. Moreover, the unique blend of lectures and seminars allowed me to learn directly from some of the university's most accomplished professors while also reaping the benefits of a discussion-based environment. As a deeply inquisitive individual, I valued this structure because it provided me with various avenues to satisfy my curiosity.


That being said, my favorite aspect of ISP (by far!) was the opportunity to connect with faculty and make lifelong friends. I am incredibly grateful to have been part of such a tightly-knit community and, as an international student, I could not have asked for a more seamless transition into life at Penn.