Ashley Fuchs


I am a sophomore from Long Island, New York, majoring in Political Science and Classical Studies. Outside of class, I conduct national security research for the Center for Ethics and the Rule of Law at Penn Law and host a weekly jazz radio show. ISP has been an integral part of my intellectual experience at Penn. Through its rigorous coursework, small discussion seminars, and engaging lecture presentations, I have learned the value of employing interdisciplinary thinking to deconstruct complex problems. I am incredibly passionate about writing and public speaking, two skills which I was able to develop through the diverse ISP curriculum. This early exposure to a variety of disciplines has given me the confidence to take risks and be explorative with my coursework. Furthermore, ISP provided me with an unparalleled foundation to pursue BFS seminars, the most rewarding classes I have taken at Penn. In fact, it was Professor Mulhern’s course on “Ancient and Modern Constitution-Making” that led me to pursue contemporary politics in tandem with ancient political theory as my chosen fields of study. Overall, it has been a privilege to learn from accomplished professors and engage with other ISP students in such a diverse and intellectual community.