Ammar Plumber

 I am a sophomore majoring in Economics and also taking classes in Philosophy and Computer Science. Last summer, with the guidance of a Penn economics professor, I researched patterns in city spending and revenue collection with regard to demographics and politics. Outside of class, I’m an avid backpacker and have been on a few camping trips over the past year. I am also a member of a fraternity, Alpha Sigma Phi, and work as a part-time debate coach for the Harker School in San Jose, California. Next summer, as a prospective law school applicant, I hope to gain some experience in the legal field or perhaps spend my summer abroad. The Integrated Studies Program proved to be a defining part my time at Penn. During the spring semester, I discovered my love for philosophy in Dr. Karen Detlefsen’s course. In Dr. Julio Tuma’s seminar, I learned how to synthesize the claims put forth by authors from different fields with distinct methodologies and approaches, which has been an important skill in nearly every discipline I’ve been exposed to. As a result, I find myself to be a better critical thinker and more perceptive learner than I was before taking the course. I hope to use these skills to my advantage as my domains of academic inquiry expand and deepen.