Alexandra Breckenridge

I am a sophomore from Johannesburg, South Africa, studying Philosophy, Politics, and Economics with a minor in History. ISP gave me the best possible introduction to my four years of Penn -- the program developed my writing and critical thinking skills enormously, to the extent that I feel equipped to take on very advanced courses in multiple disciplines. ISP also helped me discover my most important academic interests and the best ways to pursue them; I had my first exposure to both history and philosophy at a college level through ISP and realised that I had to continue my studies in these two disciplines. As a studentĀ of the social sciences and humanities, studying the deeply quantitative, inductive approaches of cognitive neuroscience challenged me to expand my understanding of research in economics and psychology. Most important of all, though, was the experience of spending my first year at Penn within a community of students and teachers committed to critical thought and interdisciplinary research.