Abha Kulkhani

I am a recent alumnus of the University of Pennsylvania and of the Integrated Studies Program. Coming to Penn, my plan was to be pre-med and eventually go to medical school. However, the interdisciplinary skills I gained as an ISP student pushed me to take a more comprehensive approach to complex healthcare problems. Instead of limiting myself to the requisite science subjects, I chose to study Health and Societies, a major that broadened my view of healthcare as a field and the role of physicians within it. Beyond learning about environmental health, sociology, and the history of medicine, I also gained a deep interest in public health. I submatriculated into Penn’s Masters of Public Health Program and will graduate with the degree in May 2018. While I am still pre-med and plan on attending medical school, I am a much more well-rounded student and future physician than I would have been if not for ISP. The program challenged me to gain a more comprehensive view of health and I am grateful for the role it has played in my life at Penn and beyond.

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